Elevators and obesity

Bear with me as I am learning my way around the blogging world.

I am wondering why people, who are perfectly healthy individuals, choose to take an elevator up one floor?  Or, heaven forbid, DOWN a floor?  Is the concept of physical activity so far down the toilet that walking one flight of stairs isn’t even a consideration anymore?  I was talking with one of my coworkers at the hospital and while trying to find the correct bed for a patient I mentioned that we would be needing a larger one. She asks me how big the patient is.  The patient is around  400 lbs.  She then informs me that this is a normal size for our patients and that all of our beds will accommodate this. Back up a minute!  Since when is 400lbs the norm? Thats three and half of me! Our new favorite fast food item is a sandwhich that gets rid of the bread but instead puts the greasy bacon and extra cheese between double chicken breasts!  The problem is not how much we eat or what we eat exactly, it is the mind set we have about food. It is all good to go on yet another diet in an attempt to fit into last year’s bikini but it is another thing altogether to allow that to go to the wayside when we are tired of trying so hard.  The problem with dieting is that we get bored with it and laziness sets in so the effort no longer seems worth it and we begin to slip back into our comfortable old habits and those ratty sweatpants.

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